What is On Stage Challenge?

On Stage Challenge is designed to provide a safe, warm and fun environment for young performers to share their passion for theatre and entertainment. We believe that all performers should have the opportunity to share their talents and build the next generation of entertainers. 

From building and painting backdrops, to backstage crew, to the singers, dancers, actors and musicians, we hope to see all aspects of theatre celebrated in an all inclusive environment.

Our competition is designed to encourage all aspects of theatre, providing sections from solo “entertainment style” performances to group musical theatre mini productions. This is not your typical competition with performers awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  While there will be overall winners awarded for each section, performers will receive awards for best costumes, best concepts and more. We hope to bring attention to all aspects of performance and encourage all facets of putting a production together.

But most of all we want to see the next generation of performers HAVING FUN!
Because this is what entertainment is all about!

On Stage Challenge Australia is owned and Operated by On Stage Media Australia Pty Ltd